MoLo is an acronym.

MoLo is an acronym. An imaginary port that connects two distant but easy-to-connect worlds.
A bridge between the fast life of a metropolis and the slow rhythms of Puglia. A home for those who want to feel like a “temporary resident” of this land, willing to discover sensations, colors, and scents to carry within themselves forever.

MoLo is what holds together Monopoli, their host city, and London, the metropolis where Beatrice and Francesco conceived this dream overlooking the sea. We are in Palazzo Vadalà, a charming late 19th-century neoclassical residence built on a strip of land jutting out toward the sea, between the Murattiano district and the ancient village of Monopoli.

Just pull back the curtains a bit and the Adriatic Sea is there bathing the shores of Cala Batteria, perhaps the place dearest to Monopolitans. Here, every year on December 16th and August 14th, the traditional landing of the protector of the city, the Madonna della Madia, is repeated. An evocative moment.
The ancient heart of the city is a maze of narrow streets in which to be transported among scents and colors. MoLo is there, a stone’s throw from this urban poetry, with its easy-to-reach entrance, even by car.
Get ready to spend your wonderful life interlude as an Apulian in elegant, spacious suites, bathed in Southern light and designed on the model of a private apartment.

There, nestled among the houses overlooking the harbor, you breathe authenticity that envelops you in sea, colors, and relaxation.

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